IT has arrived.
2006-05-25 // 5:13 a.m..

Some stuff I learned about today:

They cut a ‘notch’ out of the Stridex ‘circle’ shaped acne pads, so they’d be easier to pluck out of the round container… but they didn’t put “Now- 1/4 SMALLER!” on the box.

There WAS a reason I bought Oxy acne-pads over Stridex… because Stridex are in the same shaped/sized container as Tucks hemorrhoid cleansing pads. (go ahead, laugh your beverage out of your nose. I’ve mixed them up… ONCE. )

Some beer really DOES taste better warm, apparently. (pumpkin ale, in case you wondered...)

In other news:

It would be hard to match the pleasure of hearing someone eyeballing your ‘new’ car, say, “SWEeeeeeeet.”

Oh yeah.

It FINALLY arrived…


Some of you have been reading my blog forever and ever, and might recall a really depressing entry which I seem to have blessedly deleted- about self worth, value, and a bloody CAR.

Blessedly, because it would bring down the otherwise jubilant fact that IT- Has finally arrived.

...on a huge ‘transport’ vehicle, with much Ado, and a LOT of sputtering and coughing on the way to my parking space...

IT is here.

Okay… So I’ll post a better picture later- but for now… (drum roll goes here)

The car I NEVER thought I’d actually OWN:

Oh do NOT laugh-

It may be old… (a year older than *I* am, in fact!) but it is SO awesome… the young kids at the auto shops where my Mom was having it worked on, were in a panic when the transport came to get it- ‘Oh no! you didn’t SELL it, did you?’ they asked, repeatedly.

“No.” Mom laughed at them… “I’ve been promising this car to my Son since he was 8 years old... at 38, I figured I better cough it up, before he has to bury us both.”


You know, I genuinely expected never to own it until she passed on… Damn Mom loves that car.

It is, for the curious, THE car I learned to drive on. It has only had two owners, the one who bought it new, and my Mom, who bought it from the dealer when the guy got a new car. It is ENTIRELY original- almost no parts have ever been ‘replaced’ except for things like belts and brakes. It has a Slant-6 in it, and is a rare ‘family’ back (or ‘notchback’ I think they called them too) instead of the racier ‘fastback’ which you usually see. It has had an engine rebuild, and not many miles on it after that- tho it’s sat in the driveway so long now, it’ll take a LOT of cash to fix it up… I dunno where that will come from yet.

I gotta tell ya.. I expect it to sit, covered up, in a driveway or parking lot until I can afford to do something with it- driven on Sundays (so to speak) only after there’s been MUCH dust-taping or outright redone upholstery so it CAN be driven. I'm terrified someone will strip it down to nothing because even the LOGOS on it are origional, and thus, would sell for a pretty penny...

But I can always sit back and fantasize… what IF.

What if I COULD have it repainted, with a blaze of running horses down the side, kicking up dust in their wake...

What if I COULD afford to have it taken apart, and put together again with fresh seals and a re-chromed dash... all the upholstery fixed up… the rugs redone... the headliner redone... just... the whole THING redone?

Augh! Someone Call ’Overhaulin’ and tell them what a fucking FANTASTIC car this is… tell them how much it would ROCK if they could make it a kick-butt car again… tell them how they would DROOL if they could just SEE Mom’s baby… my baby… ask them if they could make it tow a horse trailer too. (snicker-grin) and put AC in it, so I can drive it... Man... if this car/engine combo would break world records for ‘off the floor’ cars… it can pull a two-horse trailer, right? A tiny camper, even? Man… this is SUCH a car.

If they fixed it up… I’d drive it on the road trip of a LIFETIME… as far as I could afford to take it, in fact. Maybe to… Disneyworld… or the Smithsonian… or heck- just over to the car show near Mom, where I could make her pose for pictures beside it. Would that not absolutely ROCK?

Yah. I think so too. >:)

Listening to: Some forensics show.
Consuming: Cola and breakfast cereal.
Today my t-shirt should read: Thou Shalt Not Pass!

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cabin-boy - 2006-05-25 08:51:30
Okay, I have NO idea why my links are screwed up. They are, and respectively. UGH.
l'empress - 2006-05-26 09:56:43
I remember those cars, even thought I might like one. Of course, that was before I was married, before I had kids, BEFORE I EVER HAD A DRIVER'S LICENSE.
golfwidow - 2006-05-29 10:13:29
It's awesome. (Try editing your post and putting "" marks around the URLs in your links, that sometimes fixes it.)

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